5 things that make an Off the Shelf Survey the right way to go

 off the shelf


Our previous blog post focused on the need to make your staff surveys bespoke and tailored not just to the business but also to closely match the profile of your staff members. Despite the obvious benefits in running a tailored employee engagement survey, a few people pointed out that some organisations don’t have the time or resources to carry out a fully bespoke and personalised survey. This is why we also offer the Have Your Say staff survey package. Below, we’ve the listed the 5 things that make Have Your Say a viable option for busy HR departments:

“Sorry can you repeat the question?”

How many times have we filled out a staff survey and paused at a question that either doesn’t make sense or doesn’t allow you to give the answer you want? We either give up or respond with an answer that is unlikely to be useful to the person running the survey.  By using 32 pre-developed questions selected by HR Professionals, we’ve developed a fool proof way to measure engagement levels within an organisation.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day

For any busy HR department, time is always at a premium which is why we also provide a full set of project management activities with clearly defined start and finish points. Unlike many other survey packages, we reduce the amount of legwork for the business but with a fully branded survey, it doesn’t feel generic.

Information – now!

We know that having access to staff opinions is vital to developing your business but with so many responses to process, getting through the backlog of surveys can take weeks resulting in a loss of momentum. Have Your Say is designed to turnaround the results from the survey within 48 hours allowing you to get on with planning strategy for the business.



It won’t break the bank

HR departments often have to prioritise their budgets around business needs. Whilst we know the value of keeping a happy workforce, it is not always easy to justify a large spend on a fully bespoke staff survey. Have Your Say is an affordable solution, priced at just £5 per employee giving you the insight needed to get a return on your investment and better engage with your staff.

Leave it to the experts…

Using our 12 years of experience in creating surveys, we’ve developed a quick and easy solution that will give organisations the information they crave from their staff. Because Have Your Say is ready to and easy to complete, you don’t need to worry about design, distribution or data collection – it’s all done for you and neatly presented back. As employee engagement experts, recognised by the government’s Engage 4 Success initiative, you can sit back, rest assured that Scancapture will deliver a detailed and comprehensive staff survey that will add value to your organisation and act as a blueprint for your future strategy.

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