We work with APSE

The APSE best value consultancy help leisure centres in local authorities to find out what their visitors think about them and link the results to APSE’s performance networks benchmarking. Conducting the face-to-face interviews and collating data for analysis from over 100 leisure centres is a tough task to undertake.

Since 2007, Scancapture have been chosen to manage APSE’s surveys across the country from the initial person-to-person interviews through to the data analysis which feeds the performance networks benchmarks. The survey is conducted via on-site interviews and a paper form is completed with the centre visitor to ensure traceability. The survey is conducted over a period of 9 consecutive days, including 2 weekends, with a sample size of 350 users. Over 100 leisure centres have taken part in the national project.

The project was developed to establish a sustainable network of fewer and better quality community leisure centres which meet modern customer expectations and promote sport, active lifestyles, health and well being.  Therefore it is critical to uncover what customer expectations are now and into the future and the analysis helps to build a picture of what is happening in the minds of the leisure centre users.

Scancapture’s relationship with APSE extends further to capturing data from over 10,000 school meals surveys, road and transport surveys.

Working with the data and results many leisure centres have had substantial improvements resulting in enhanced performance such as Fitness Class attendance + 41%, Flexible Fitness Membership + 112%, Direct Debits (through the till) + 600%, Flexible Fitness Admin Fee + 178% and Gym Attendance +197%. Due to a better atmosphere and increased morale, staff sickness has reduced by 22%.

To find out more about how our customer survey services can help your organisation please contact the Scancapture team on 01254 697 110…