We work with CPRE

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is an environmental charity striving for a beautiful and living countryside. They work to protect, promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy, and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations.

CPRE have more than 200 local groups, a branch in every county of the UK and 69,000 members and supporters.

To make donations go further, they need people to complete Gift Aid declaration forms.  Once collected, all the contact information has to be kept securely, and the paperwork archived.  Only charities with Gift Aid declarations can claim tax relief but if the paperwork isn’t in order then HMRC can demand refunds or impose financial penalties.

And that’s why CPRE first requested our help back in 2010. Scanning thousands of documents annually since 2010, Scancapture have delivered the perfect service and 100% satisfaction to CPRE’s team.

CPRE’s Donations Manager said, “The whole team have been extremely helpful throughout the whole project. The price was very competitive and the quote was straight-forward without hidden charges. We have also referred Scancapture to another team here who may need some scanning done in the future. The service has been excellent and Scancapture’s staff have been quick to ask about anything that was unclear rather than making an assumption that could be incorrect.”

To find out more about how our document scanning services can help your organisation please contact the Scancapture team on 01254 697 110…