Customer relationship surveys that ask the right questions to shape your marketing strategy

customer survey surveys from scancapture

Customer relationship surveys have shown that 83% of UK Business leaders believe that their customers are the biggest driving force of change. We all know that getting it right with your customers is a priority but how many businesses are allowing their customers to dictate how they deliver their service and the ways they take it to market? One of the best ways to do this is by conducting a unique customer relationship survey with Scancapture.

You may have done a survey in the past. You drew it up, signed it off, sent it out and then sat looking at a pile of data you didn’t have the first clue what to do with. Bob in Bolton was really pleased with the service, Carol loved how quick the salesman answered the telephone and Dave in Birmingham was amazed by the two-day turnaround but what does that tell you about your business? Negative feedback can often be addressed either by dealing directly with the complainant or examining the processes you have in place to avoid future errors and oversights. But what value do positive comments have on your business?

When you receive good customer feedback it’s a great feeling. Someone has taken the time to praise you and your team for their efforts but other than adding to a long list of client testimonials on your website will it dramatically transform the ways in which you do business? Whilst a highly positive customer relationship survey can be a great morale boost and indicator that you’re on the right track, if you fail to ask a few trickier questions you could be faced with a lot of useless data.

Firstly, you need to ask about your customer’s buying behaviour. Are they a low to medium user or do they buy from you regularly? Once you understand how frequent they use your service and to what level, you then need to ask who they are. How old are they? How does your product make them feel? Do they buy from you simply because you’re convenient, do they perceive you as having a higher quality product compared to your competitors or is it because they trust you to give the best service?

Once you know the answers to these questions you then having something tangible to work with. Something that has potential to seriously grow your business, reach more customers and stay in sync with your current client base. Yes it’s that old chestnut: Marketing. Vital to any business, but all too often businesses fail to really define their marketing strategy. Amazingly, many companies bankroll an outside agency to do it but then don’t measure the Return on Investment. You could spend thousands on marketing but if you’re not sending the right messages to your customers, all those sparkly campaigns will fall flat and fade away.

Once you have a profile of your average customer and the way they see you, you have a crystal clear idea of how, where and when to send your marketing messages out. You will identify the types of media your customers consume and know exactly how to deliver a campaign be it print, web, email or via social media. You’ll know the optimum times they like to browse the web and their social media profiles – meaning you know exactly when to push messages out. More than this, the information taken from a Scancapture customer relationship survey will shape the way your customers interact and purchase from you.

If 95% of your customers prefer to deal with order issues via the internet, you need to make sure it’s optimised for that purpose. If only a quarter of your customers like to be contacted by phone but 80% own a smartphone and would like to use an application to access their account that’s a clear indication that you may want to look into app development. Rather than staggering blindly into new territories that may or may not improve your business, using the blueprint a scancapture survey provides will tell you exactly what your next steps should be in taking things up a level and providing not only a better, more efficient service to your customers but also communicating with them in a more effective manner.

By using real data gained from a customer relationship survey with Scancapture, you can ensure that your approach to marketing is personalised and tailored to fit the profile of your customers. Scancapture will not only formulate the right type of questions to ask your customers but will also produce targeted and detailed reports that will highlight what areas of your marketing strategy you need to focus on and where you could potentially make huge savings on wasteful campaigns. To find out how to mould your marketing strategy around your customers call Scancapture today on 01254 697 110 or visit