Five Reasons why Staff Surveys need to be Bespoke


When conducting a survey, a bespoke approach is always likely to gain the biggest rewards. By using your language and precisely aligning to the company goals, the survey is going to yield the key information your employees can work with and act upon. At Scancapture, we believe that tailoring your staff survey will not only help better connect with your people but also give you the tools to help drive the organisation forward.

Here are our top five reasons why:

1.       Everyone is different

And that doesn’t just go for the individual staff members. Every company is different – even ones that operate within the same industry are likely to have a slightly different culture or set of principles that underpin their way of working together. A generic survey will more often than not miss such nuances of company culture and will only give you a general sense of how people feel within the organisation. Conversely, a bespoke survey can be tailored to match all the key components of what it means to work there.

2.       You can ask the questions that you need answers for

An off the shelf survey is never guaranteed to elicit exactly what you want from a respondent. By their nature, these non-specific questions have a design flaw that allows people to omit the details they don’t want or feel the need to discuss. With customised questions, you can ask your staff something directly, giving them the opportunity to call a spade a spade and pass on useful information.

tailor 2

3.       Your staff might actually enjoy it!

All of us will have completed countless standardised customer feedback and staff surveys in our lifetime. The more general and broad they are, the less time we will spend on responding – if at all. A survey filled with questions that are wholly specific to the company and their staff however is likely to elicit much more candid responses as it makes the person feel more connected and that their opinion may actually count for something. Detailed responses are what make a survey worthwhile to a business, so it’s worth spending some time on asking the right questions.

4.       It will act as a blueprint for your strategy

When we work with clients on their surveys we always want to know about their long and short term goals for the business. By gaining an insight into where the company wants to go, we are able to factor this into the question setting and even the structure of the survey itself. If a company wants to invest in training and development, it makes sense to ask questions that will ascertain how many actually have a need for training, if at all.

5.       It will reinforce your company’s values

Whats it like to work here small

A fully branded and bespoke survey that aligns with all your goals, vision and values means that employees taking the survey will be able to easier connect and buy-in to the culture you have set out to create. The survey could be the first time they have actually considered the company’s values and their role within it so as well as being a great tool for identifying and measuring key performance issues, it also acts a way of strengthening an employee’s individual affinity with the organisation.


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