Focus Groups to improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement


Focus Groups are sometimes the only way to really know what customers and staff are thinking – by asking them in person. Telephone surveys and focus groups are a proven way to capture quality research data. Our fully trained marketing research team has the friendly approach and experience to create a real rapport with your customers or staff – without being intrusive – so you get the detailed survey information you need.

Qualitative research is usually done in small groups called focus groups. The best way to organise a focus group involves encouraging an invited group of between 6 and 10 participants to share their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and ideas on a certain topic or on multiple topics. Organising focus groups within a company can also be very useful in getting buy-in to a project from stakeholders in the company.

Some advantages of running a focus group include:

– Its quick, cheap and relatively easy to organise

– Good for getting qualitative data in participants’ own words and developing clearer insight

– Together, a group of people can come up with ideas they might not have thought of in a one to one interview

– Provides an opportunity to involve people in data analysis and get buy-in from stakeholders

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