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We work with Concern Worldwide

Scanning company Scancapture Limited report the completion of the processing of Concern Worldwides People In Aid Questionnaire. The questionnaire deals with seven main principles of working for Concern all over the world, and involved canvassing the thoughts and opinions of international and national staff from 36 countries.

Scancapture processed the multi-page, complex questionnaires which were completed in different languages including French, Portuguese, Arabic and Khmer. An 80 page report was delivered to Concerns Head Office in Dublin, charting the questions responses and an interactive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet was created to allow Concerns HR Department to further interrogate the data and focus on a particular question or principle by country, gender, international or national staff, whether management or not management, length of service, or on a permanent or temporary contract; all at the touch of a button.

Scancapture provided a smooth and efficient service to Concern. Scancapture processed the questionnaires to produce results in a form that we were able to analyse easily. For us, the most valuable aspect was that Scancapture were flexible enough to cope with the demands of this time consuming and complicated project. At the beginning of the project we were not sure ourselves of the scale or timing of the audit but Scancapture were able to accommodate this.

We are happy with the service we received and will certainly use Scancapture again for similar projects in the future.