Improving employee morale within your company


Improving employee morale may not be at the top of your priorities as we enter 2013, but it should be. Employee morale may drop drastically from the highs of the Christmas break and the winter blues may set in. Employee relations can be strained at the start of a year so don’t let this happen.

Here are some simple ideas to implement with your team which don’t take a lot of time, cost or organisation.

1. Communication.

Listening to the ideas of your employees is crucial, but it can only go so far if the employee doesn’t know enough about business operations to present an idea, so encourage idea sharing. Supply employees with critical information and financial data and teach them what that information means so the can influence the company’s collective success. Keep your employees informed and ensure they understand you are willing to listen to their input by asking for their input and continue this communication.

2. Recognize special events in the lives of your employees.

Birthdays, weddings, births, the accomplishments of employees’ children – if you have a reason to celebrate, do it!  Whether it is buying a round of beers at lunchtime, share a cake in a team meeting or finding a nice greeting card for everyone to sign, celebrate the little things in your workplace. It makes a huge difference.

3. Recognize and reward your employees for doing good work.

Tell your employees when they are doing a good job verbally, or write them a little note. Telling them how they can improve without being critical will improve employee morale. Through this you demonstrate respect and you engage in helping them reach their full potential.

4. Smile.

Smile more often, talk about fun things like hobbies with your colleagues, or crack a good taste joke. Your employees are human beings, they are not a human resource.

5. Build a trust culture.

Trust is everything in a relationship, be it romantic, friendly, or business oriented. It is essential to build and cultivate trusting business relationships for success and survival.  Some of my best relationships at work have grown from asking others for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance or input from your team or others. Most of the time they are going to surprise you.

6. Have fun.

Most people are at work longer than they would like to be, so why not have fun at work? Encourage people to be themselves at work.

Improving employee morale is easier than you might think. How do you do it?

improving employee morale