Maintaining customer relations is at the heart of retention and growth


At a time of sluggish growth and dwindling credit ratings, companies are struggling to maintain a competitive advantage. Many companies seek to remedy this by working internally to improve products and services – vital for continued success.

However, an internal approach often overlooks the people who buy those products and services – your customers. Successful businesses understand that quality products are just one element of a cohesive business model. At a time when people may be spending less, the real focus needs to be on improving and maintaining customer relations. Due to this, a lot of organisations are enlisting specialist help to measure their customer relations.

The best way to do this is by using a tailored and highly intuitive survey from customer relationship experts Scancapture. Scancapture specialise in creating surveys that will ask the right questions in the right manner. You need to know exactly how many customers stick with you, how many leave, how many are dissatisfied and how many (if any) are recommending your services. Consider these three facts:

• A 10% increase in customer retention will increase profits by 30%.
• It costs five times more to acquire a customer than retain an existing one.
• The average business does not hear from 96% of their dissatisfied customers.

So whilst it’s great to attract new business, the focus should always be on keeping current customers happy. Most businesses understand the importance of having a customer retention strategy but many struggle to implement them. Should it be done in house or should a crack team of ‘experts’ be drafted in? What questions should we ask in the survey? Should it be hosted online or with a more traditional pen and paper approach? If you are asking any of these questions, consider a consultation with the bespoke survey experts, Scancapture.


It’s important you get the right information from your customers. It’s great to hear positive feedback from satisfied customers. It gives you a warm glow, a sense of pride and peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing and giving your clients what they need. But surely, delivering a great customer service is a given, right? For a consumer or client driven business, it’s obvious you need to deliver to remain competitive in the market. But what sets you apart from the other guy? The answer is knowing your client base inside and out.

Let’s assume your customers are generally pretty happy with the service they get from you. But does that still mean they will stay loyal to you? Not necessarily. What’s to stop them going to the nearest competitor and trying their service out? If you want to keep customers you not only need to know their wants and needs but also what makes them tick. You need to have a deep insight into their habits, behaviours, values and aspirations in order to understand not only what they like but also how they like it and why.

On top of all that, it’s really important that when you do attract new customers you give yourself the best possible chance to keep them happy right from the start. That’s why at Scancapture we’re developing the new customer welcome survey – the perfect way to ensure the relationship gets off to a good start.

Scancapture tailors every survey of your customers based on what you need to find out. Developing an appropriate mix of custom telephone, postal and online surveys plus one-on-one interviews depending on how the information will be used. Some projects naturally lend themselves to a telephone based approach while others are best completed using mixed methods. Regardless, the results accurately capture the voice of your customers, giving you real insights that will help your business develop.

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