Motivating staff to complete your employee survey

Motivating staff to get involved in your company’s next employee survey isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Motivating staff to complete employee surveys

No matter what size your company is, giving all your staff the chance to have their input and say on the direction of the company has a positive impact. Quite simply, show your staff that you’re interested in their opinions and they’ll be more likely to take more of an interest in the business.

Staff surveys carried out independently can tell you what your employees really think about your company, and whether they are engaged. Confidentiality and anonymity are crucial and will ensure greater confidence on the part of respondents and will lead to greater honesty in answering the questions, and to a higher response rate.

Here are our 4 top tips for ensuring better participation in your next staff survey:

  1. Communication. Companies that communicate through as many media channels as possible will achieve higher response rates. So use team briefings, company intranet, payslip advertising, notice-board advertising and maybe put a communication pack together that highlights why you are doing the survey and what action will be done as a result of doing it.
  2. Encouragement from management. A successful push for employee engagement has to be believable. That’s why experts say if you really want to hear from your employees, you should have your top bosses encourage feedback on a regular basis or send out reminders. All Managers need to be on-board and understand the reasons for doing a staff survey and what actions will come of it. Some companies link their staff survey to Manager’s personal development plans and appraisal procedures.
  3. Incentives. While experts discourage companies from offering direct incentives to individual employees who participate in feedback opportunities, other methods are available. Some businesses will offer a raffle prize for something like an iPod or store vouchers. Others will offer to donate money to a charity if their surveys reach a certain response rate.
  4. Facilitate the completion of the surveys. Allow your staff the time to complete the survey at work, away from their normal working environment. Offering a drink and a biscuit to enjoy while filling the survey in is a great and simple way of motivating staff.

An interesting survey statistic is that on average 45% of employees who complete a staff survey write a comment to accompany their answers. Of these, 38% are positive or constructive comments and 57% are negative. Source Scancapture Ltd

The John Lewis Partnership case study in our blog shows how motivating staff gets 90% response rates if the 4 Top Tips above are used.

How do you motivate staff? Have you used similar techniques that have been effective in gaining participation and motivating staff to complete a staff survey?