We work with John Lewis

Never knowingly outperformed for surveys!

John Lewis and its supermarket Waitrose are among the UK’s favourite retailers and they employ over 80,000 partners across 300 locations. That meant conducting its Annual Partner Survey was a complex business.

When John Lewis was looking to outsource this key activity, they needed a staff survey company with both the experience and the resources to manage the logistics of the process.

A complete survey service from start to finish – design, production, collection & analysis

John Lewis’s unique survey contained 28 questions specifically designed to measure how well the Partnership was delivering its Partner experience and it’s Partner Strategy. Once designed and printed, the forms were distributed to staff for completion and returned either by placing in sealed boxes at each store or posting directly to our head office ready for processing.

To meaningfully break the data down into sections we used 300 branch numbers and 800 survey codes, and this proved invaluable to the company. Claire Wragg, John Lewis Partner Survey Manager, said, ‘We reviewed the results at branch, divisional and Partnership level. The reports allowed identification of where we were doing well and less well, so that steps could be taken either locally or at a wider level to make the Partner experience even better.’

Using an independent survey service means higher response rates & more honest answers

Because we’re independent, we can guarantee the whole survey process is totally anonymous for staff. And it’s this reassurance that helps us deliver high response rates of 90 per cent. More importantly it means people have the confidence to provide detailed and honest answers.

We began working in partnership with John Lewis in 2003 and last year we produced more than 4000 reports and typed up over four million words on their behalf.

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