Perform CSR with Purpose

Performing effectively in CSR is a vital area of business nowadays and this is predominantly down to the strength employees are having within their companies, but also the proven fact that engaging your staff will improve the turnover of the company.

One of the well-known blue chip companies in Pepsico announced their CSR campaign called ‘Performance with Purpose’, which focuses on improving what the company do for society as it is widely believed this will help the end figures on the bottom line.

Michael Stroik, who is the author of leading CSR study ‘Giving in Numbers’ said: “The evolution of corporate societal investments is linked to business performance. Corporate giving is being used as more than a way to manage reputation and stockholders, but as a growth driver, platform for innovation and a way to drive a corporate culture.”

It has been proven that since 2010 companies who committed to CSR were able to raise their revenue streams by 11% while companies who had neglected the element of CSR had seen their revenues fall by 3%.

Another of the biggest companies on the Fortune 500 list is Walmart and while they have a revenue stream of nearly half a trillion dollars in sales, they remain focused on sustainability at director level going through to the Walmart Foundation according to Kathleen McLaughlin who is President of Walmart Foundation and Senior Vice President of Walmart.