We work with bensons for beds

Quick, easy & professional surveys without nightmares

Bensons for Beds isBritain’s favourite bed specialist, and the company has 1500 employees in over 300 stores nationwide.  The business has undergone considerable change in recent years. And when they merged with the Sleepmasters and Bed Shed brands they needed to understand how staff felt about the changes.

Outsourcing ensures a smooth survey process & removes all the hassle for you

Having previously conducted surveys in-house, Bensons decided to outsource the whole process in 2011.  As staff survey specialists we were able to develop a questionnaire that really focused in on the changes and captured the wider picture from each employee.

We also handled the logistics for distribution and collection – all the surveys were returned directly to our head office for processing and analysis.

Within just 3 weeks, Bensons was able to view all the results, data and comments; we also provided a series of action plans for the senior management team.

Get the full picture on how your business is performing year after year

In 2012 we conducted a second survey for Bensons, and this meant the results could be compared with the previous year’s data.  As a result we were able to highlight movement on each question. We also benchmarked the business against the wider industry.

This gave the management team a clear view on how things had changed for staff and how they are positioned in the market.

It’s been a wholly positive experience, and we’ve been able to report very impressive product and service satisfaction levels for its six distribution centres.

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