Say YES to better Customer Relationship Surveys


Many organisations question the value of customer surveys. Do they ever tell you anything you didn’t know already? And is change ever implemented as a result of a survey?

All businesses want to understand their customer base better but often fail to properly engage with them by sending out generic and poorly designed satisfaction questionnaires.

Customer relationship surveys need to go beyond satisfaction and identify where, why and how a brand can be reinforced whilst maintaining customer loyalty and trust. Many companies repeatedly ask for feedback but for one reason or another they fail to alter their strategy or effect any real change in the customer journey.

Customers needn’t be bombarded with countless, meaningless surveys aimed at measuring levels of satisfaction. Instead, relationships should be nurtured and survey collection methods should be critically evaluated.

YES-DraftIt’s not about more surveys – it’s about better surveys

Scancapture’s free YES Assessment provides a tailored blueprint and an implementation plan for aligning customer surveys with best practices and achieving a better ROI on the time and money spent on data collection.

Coupling a rigorous review of the existing customer survey approach with Scancapture’s expertise in building world class survey programs, the YES Assessment provides a proven strategic footprint and tactical toolkit to move a business from simply measuring the customer experience to managing it and going beyond customer satisfaction.

Customers will always respond to an organisation that values their opinion but surveys now need to mirror the business – consumer relationship. By evaluating previous responses, trends, data collection methods and survey formats, the business can better understand this relationship and build a loyal following who will become active advocates of their brand.

Go beyond customer satisfaction

Make your surveys work harder for your business and unlock their potential using Scancapture’s YES assessment.

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