We work with People in Business

Lancashire-based survey specialists, Scancapture, has proved to be the perfect partner for leading employer consultancy brand, People in Business (PiB).

PiB specialise in overall assessment and management of an organisation’s processes, advising leading names such as John Lewis, HSBC and Iceland. Over the past nine years Scancapture have become the only supplier of paper-based surveys that PiB will refer and recommend their clients to.

Managing Director of PiB, Jenny Davenport, said: “It is no accident that we have selected Scancapture as our preferred partner for assistance with paper-based surveys. Their flexible, customer-focused approach has provided some great informative results for both ourselves and our clients.

“As we work with organistions to help them understand what employees think, and look at the success of staff programmes and schemes, we inevitably need information. Whilst some of this is face-to-face qualitative research or online surveys there is also a need for paper-based surveys and this is where Scancapture fit in and help us to expand our offering,” added Jenny. Steve Smith, Managing Director at Scancapture added: “It was a recommendation from PiB that initiated our contract with John Lewis and we are delighted that we are now on track to complete ten years with them. It has been a pleasure to work with them on a project that annually is incredibly important to the company and that has proved so successful.”

Scancapture has also completed recent projects with Guardian News Media, TUI Travel PLC and London Library as a result of connections with PiB.

Investment in the latest scanning technology and intelligent character recognition software means that Scancapture has the capacity to automatically process 20,000 surveys a day, taking less than a tenth of the time it would take a manual operator to process the information.

Steve said: “We look forward to expanding our working relationship with PiB. We believe that our dedication to providing a high quality, fast and reliable service has helped cement us as their preferred partner and trust this will continue for many years to come.”

To find out more about how our survey services can help your organisation please contact the Scancapture team on 01254 697 110…