Scancapture asked to tell tales out of school!


A top independent preparatory school, Port Regis in Dorset, chose Scancapture to process a recent survey on school meals. Each student was asked to complete a questionnaire to let the school know what they think of mealtimes, the meals and what can be done to make the mealtimes better. A 40 page report was provided by Scancapture which will help the school to achieve their objectives.

The Survey Manager for the school said “The survey went really well and the results were great. We have now managed to implement some changes to the menu’s because of those results we also now have proof that can be shown to parents to establish what we are doing and have also just had our Boarding Standards inspection by OFSTED where one of the questions was ‘ have you carried out a food survey and what were the results’? We showed them a copy of the survey and results which they were very happy with (we gained an oustanding in all areas of the inspection which we are very proud of).

So I should say that the survey has been a huge success which we plan on carrying out once a year.”