Scancapture win 3 year contract to process John Lewis Partner Survey

John Lewis and sister company Waitrose have once again chosen Lancashire based Scancapture Ltd to process and report on their annual Partner Survey for the next 3 years covering 2011, 2012 and 2013.
2010 was the seventh consecutive year that Scancapture has managed the Partner Survey for John Lewis which attracts an average annual response rate of 90%. This impressive response rate is partly due to the Partners’ confidence in the anonymity of the survey process.
Over 400,000 surveys have been processed since 2003 and almost 10 million words have been written explaining why the Partners feel as they do. If these words were printed out and laid end to end they would stretch for 96 kilometres!
The Partner Survey is made up of 28 questions to measure how well the Partnership is delivering on the Partner experience, which is laid out in the Partner Strategy. Forms are either posted in sealed ballot boxes in each branch or posted direct to Scancapture, where the comments are typed up and the forms scanned. At no point does anyone from John Lewis see individual forms, ensuring that Partners have the confidence to be completely honest.
2011 will see the first mix of paper-based and online Partner Surveys being completed.
In order to break the results into meaningful chunks, John Lewis and Waitrose use over 300 branch numbers and over 800 survey codes. In 2010, Scancapture produced more than 4000 reports
Partners’ Counsellor Patrick Lewis says: ‘With the number of Partners who have shared their views, we can have real confidence in what these results show. For the first time we have compared ourselves to an external benchmark and, with the survey closely linked to the three commitments in the Partner Strategy, we will have a clearer picture of where to focus our attention.’