Scanning Gift Aid Forms and Membership Applications for Theatres and Charities


Scanning services that helps the show go on…

Inspirational performances by the world-famous Glyndebourne Opera House and Festival are enjoyed by over 150,000 music lovers every single year. But as a registered charity Glyndebourne relies on funding from generous patrons and its Associate Members.

To make their annual subscription fees and donations go further, they need people to complete Gift Aid declaration forms. Once collected, all the contact information has to be kept securely, and the paperwork archived. Only charities with Gift Aid declarations can claim tax relief but if the paperwork isn’t in order then HMRC can demand refunds or impose financial penalties.

And that’s why Glyndebourne first requested our help back in 2006. Over the years they had collected more than 20,000 records all of which needed scanning as part of a wider project to create a new Gift Aid and membership database.

A professional & reliable scanning service year after year

Working in close partnership with Glyndebourne’s IT team we created an efficient plan to digitise their paper records. Within just two weeks, we had scanned all the declaration forms and saved them as image files ready for importing into their database.

We also gave every file a unique reference. So now the Glyndebourne team can instantly access any Gift Aid declaration or direct debit mandate simply by typing in a membership number or surname into their system.

Even better, HMRC audits are now far quicker and stress-free as all the audit information is on hand. Plus it’s eliminated the risk of paperwork being lost through fire or flood. We’ve created a great relationship with Glyndebourne over the years, and we continue to scan all their new membership forms annually to ensure records are kept right up to date.

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