The North West Employee Engagement Group Launch Event


Wednesday 14th May at acdc Lighting, Wordsworth House

Employee Engagement is no longer just a buzzword amongst HR professionals. In 2011, the Prime Minister helped launch the Engage for Success initiative stating that engaging workforces was integral to delivering sustainable growth and increasing people’s wellbeing.

This is why we are launching this exciting new forum enabling fellow HR leaders within the North West area to meet one another, share best practice and learn more about how better staff engagement can lead to increases in retention and productivity.

Because HR is constantly evolving, we believe it is vital for people to come together and find out more about the various challenges organisations face when setting out an engagement strategy.

For the first event, Scancapture MD and Engage for Success guru, Steve Smith will be discussing why there is a need for employee engagement and exploring how exemplary organisations such as The John Lewis Partnership has created a hugely productive workforce that feel valued and integral to the organisation’s success.

We will also be hearing from HR & People Development Manager Karen Twist, who will share her own experiences of developing an engagement strategy for acdc Lighting. Karen will speak about challenges and rewards borne out of Employee Engagement and will also provide some invaluable advice on where to go to set the wheels in motion.

Whether you are a seasoned employee engagement expert, want to know more about best practice or simply wish to widen your HR network we would be delighted to welcome you to what we hope is the first of many dynamic and worthwhile events.

This event is free to attend and Free Parking is available. Refreshments will be provided

Event Itinerary

8am Registration and refreshments

8:30am Welcome and Introductions
A chance for members to get to know one another and find out what they want to get out of the grou

8.45am Group founder Steve Smith will give a brief introduction on his organisation Scancapture and his role as an approved Engage for Success ‘guru’.

9.00am Why do we need to engage staff?
A short presentation looking at the relationship between yearly sales figures and performance statistics against the number of engaged staff within an organisation

9:15am How do they do it?
Steve Smith takes a look at how Scancapture client John Lewis has consistently delivered a successful Employee Engagement strategy that benefits partners and senior management.

9.30am Open forum – a chance for everyone to discuss the topics covered and share their experiences of employee engagement within their organisation

10am  What Engagement did for Us
Karen Twist, HR & People Development Manager at acdc lighting discusses the positive impact that employee engagement has had on the company and also gives some invaluable advice on where to buy the tools and resources needed to ensure your strategy is tailored to your organisation and your people.

10:45am Wrap up with a quick review of the event and plans and suggestions for next time

Venue Details
acdc Lighting
Wordsworth House
Vantage Court
Riverside Way

Vantage court is situated on Riverside Way just off the A6068 near the Seedhill Athletics & Fitness centre. Free Parking is available

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