We work with Real Lancashire Black Pudding

The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company is a multi award winning company dedicated to producing the highest quality black puddings, whilst preserving traditional production methods and using an original recipe dating back to 1879.

In 2011, the company decided to develop a company-wide employee survey which would support the Human Resources Strategy with clear objectives. They consulted on the design and content of the survey with involvement from survey experts at Scancapture Ltd.

Based on the consultation, the survey was anonymous, confidential and contained questions which aimed to give feedback and focus on key ‘engagement’ drivers.

A professional consultant from Scancapture visited the offices at RLBP to conduct one-to-one interviews with each employee and provide recommendations on the findings, specifically how the HR team could:

1.  Improve things so each employee felt more appreciated for their contribution

2. Improve communication

3. Help staff develop their performance and potential

4. Improve things so each employee were more aware of their performance

Managing Director Andrew Holt said, “We were very impressed with the way the survey was carried out.  All the staff were made to feel at ease and the feedback was very useful.  It gave us a good insight into what we are doing right and also areas where we can improve.  I think it is good value for money and that it should pay dividends in the future….”

To find out more about how our staff survey services can help your organisation please contact the Scancapture team on 01254 697 110…