Use Social Media to Attract Talent to Your Business

Social Media

Social media is an ever-evolving sphere in the interaction stakes, with platforms continually adding to their offerings to make themselves more attractive to their user-base.

Take Twitter for example. In a recent move to compete with Facebook’s Live, the new Periscope feature allows users to live stream video directly from the Twitter app. This is perfect for business use, allowing seminars and events to be streamed to the web without needing to transfer to Facebook for their Live feature.

Considering the colossal reach of social media, one would imagine that companies have caught on to the benefits of using it for recruitment purposes, but it seems not. At least not so much in the UK in comparison with the USA, where 90% of American recruiters use social media for recruitment purposes.

Social Media

[Screenshot from Jobvite‘s Social Recruitment study]

The first UK Social Recruitment study was conducted in 2015 by recruitment specialists, Jobvite, and found that companies and recruiters were only just beginning to utilise social media as a platform for their recruitment purposes.

They found that 60% of their sample of recruiters hadn’t used social media channels in their recruitment process, but that the respondents did plan a 33% increase in spending on social media for staff recruitment for the coming year.

With LinkedIn being the premier perceived social media platform for recruitment and job searching, it may be a surprise to find out that 75% of recruiters surveyed, felt that Facebook was the optimum way to find their ideal job candidates.

Social Media

Here’s some reasons why you should use social media for your recruitment needs:

  • It’s fast and free! Although you can get a relatively cheap ad campaign for a job vacancy, you can still gain good organic results by using the social networks that your company is already present on, to share and promote your vacancies. For example, using the relevant hashtags, you can tap-into location-specific Twitter hours and generate some traffic to view your vacancy.
  • Blogs Be an authority voice in your industry or business area through regular blogs and quality content, with good images to accompany. Share your blogs through all of your social media channels. Make sure your SEO and tagging is also completed correctly – this affects your Google rankings.
  • Targeting By using the ‘groups’ tab on LinkedIn, you can fine-tune your audience to aim your vacancy directly at the right candidates. For example, the group HR Professionals UK has in excess of 35,000 members. By refined and targeted your receiving audience, you are exposing your job vacancy to the correct people and bypassing those who are not your target candidates.
  • Employee advocacy There are unlimited opportunities for your current staff to help you promote your brand and business via social media. Happy staff = brand ambassadors. They will have a natural willingness to help with your message reach through social media and sharing news and vacancies through their own channels. Using employee advocacy, your reach becomes wider and gives opportunity for brand boosting and positive reputation enhancing.
  • Referrals and passive candidates Social media is an ideal method for referral engagement and post share-ability. Your future employees may not be currently looking for a job change but they could be open to the idea should the right opportunity present itself via a referred social media post.

These are just a few good reasons to consider using social media for attracting quality talent to your workforce. In short, can you afford not to be using your social media channels for recruitment?